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Media Appearances for ‘The True Jesus’


TV/Online Video

Liberty University, April 26, 2017



Marcus and Joni: David Limbaugh,” May 2, 2017

Fox News

Sean Hannity: “David Limbaugh opens up about his book ‘The True Jesus,” April 10, 2017.

Spirited Debate with Lauren Green: “David Limbaugh provides insight and previews his new book, ‘The True Jesus: Uncovering the Divinity of Christ in the Gospels,” April 10, 2017.


The Blaze TV

Glenn Beck: David Limbaugh talks about “The True Jesus,” April 20, 2017.

The Glenn Beck Radio Program: “David Limbaugh’s new book explores evidence for Christianity,” April 20, 2017



Steve Deace: “IT’S ALWAYS CONSERVATIVES’ FAULT | David Limbaugh | Bromance Over?” April 12, 2017



CBN News: “Limbaugh: Jesus Was Not a Hippie,” April 13, 2017

CBN News: “We Have to Fight Back’: David Limbaugh Sounds Off on Nation’s Raging Culture War,” April 18, 2017



The Ed Morrissey Show: “Andrew Malcolm, Stuart Taylor, David Limbaugh,” April 11, 2017

Craig Milward, MRCTV: “David Limbaugh and ‘The True Jesus: Uncovering the Divinity of Christ in the Gospels,” April 14, 2017



Rush Limbaugh, “The True Jesus By David Limbaugh Will Make You Want to Read the Bible.”

Hannity Radio: “New Gingrich and David Limbaugh (about 1:10.00 mark),” April 10, 2017

Mark Levin: “Audio Rewind, 4/11/2017”

The Eric Metaxas Show, “David Limbaugh,” April 11, 2017


KIDO: “Kevin Miller Show,” April 12, 2017

Kevin McCullough Radio: “David Limbaugh – The True Jesus,” April 12, 2017

The Ride Home with John & Kathy, April 12, 2017

Rush Limbaugh: “My Brother’s New Book: The True Jesus,” April 14, 2017

WMAL: “David Limbaugh Discussed His New Book ‘The True Jesus’ On Good Friday,” April 14, 2017

The Dom Giordano Show: “Representative Ken Buck, PA Rep. John Taylor, and David Limbaugh,” April 14, 2017

96.5 FM, “Dave Elswick Show,” April 15, 2017

KFAB, “David Limbaugh — The True Jesus,” April 15, 2017

Smart Girl Politics, “David Limbaugh and the True Jesus,” April 15, 2017

Andrew Lawton Show: “David Limbaugh on his book ‘The True Jesus,'” April 17, 2017

Mike Gallagher: “David Limbaugh and Mike celebrate Easter and Passover with David’s new book, “The True Jesus,” April 17, 2017

WAEB, April 18, 2017

Janet Parshall: “Who Do You Say That I Am?” April 19, 2017

Sean McDowell: “Who Is the True Jesus? Interview with David Limbaugh,” April 20, 2017

Conservative Book Club, “David Limbaugh Reveals “The True Jesus” in New Book,” ND

Blaze Radio, “The Glenn Beck Program,” April 20, 2017

World Radio, “A conversation with David Limbaugh and Jerry Johnson,” April 21, 2017

Frank Turek—Cross-examined, “The True Jesus with David Limbaugh,” April 22, 2017

Michael Heiser, “Naked Bible Podcast Episode 155: Interview with David Limbaugh,” April 22, 2017

Schilling Show, “Ed Gillespie, Ron Myer, and David Limbaugh,” April 24, 2017

WGSO: “Ringside Politics with Jeff Crouere,” April 24, 2017

KZIM /KSIM, “Morning Meeting Interview: David Limbaugh,” May 4, 2017

Relationship Insights Radio, “Carrie Abbott,” May 4, 2017

WVHU, “The Tom Roten Morning Show,” May 4, 2017


CNS News, “David Limbaugh Discusses How Gospels Prove Jesus Is God,” April 14, 2017

Townhall, “David Limbaugh Reveals “The True Jesus” in New Book (Author Interview),” April 15, 2017

Faithwire, “Pop culture Has Distorted…Jesus’: Bestselling Author Doesn’t Mince Words When Asked What We Get Wrong About Christ,” April 18, 2017

Southeast Missourian, “David Limbaugh to sign new book, ‘The True Jesus,’ today in Cape,” April 20, 2017

KZIM/KSIM, “David Limbaugh to sign new book, ‘The True Jesus,’ today in Cape,” April 20, 2017

Christian Post, “David Limbaugh Presents ‘True Jesus,’ Says Left Exploits Christ to Fit Their Agenda,” April 20, 2017

The Stream, “Who is the True Jesus? Interview With David Limbaugh,” April 22, 2017

Southeast Missourian, “‘The True Jesus’ an important book by David Limbaugh,” May 2, 2017

National Review, “David Limbaugh writes about meeting Jesus in Scripture,” May 4, 2017.


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