Christian Resources

During the last few years, and especially in the extensive research I did for my book Persecution, I have come across a wealth of information on the web on Christianity, including religious liberty, America’s Christian heritage, various sites offering news and commentary from a Christian perspective, Bible and devotional resources, Christian apologetics, and various other Christian resources that I would like to share. I’ll add to these lists from time to time and they are by no means exhaustive in any category I include.

First, I would like to invite anyone with stories about persecution or discrimination against Christians and Christian religious liberty in the United States to send those stories to me at: I would also encourage anyone who has proposed solutions to the problems I detail in my book or other ideas for activism by those who want to restore traditional values to our culture to share those thoughts with me at:

The outlook for religious liberty for Christians is not completely bleak, notwithstanding the hundreds of examples of discrimination against Christian liberties I detail in my book. There are a number of public interest law firms working everyday in furtherance of religious liberty for people throughout the United States. I have links to a number of those firms above. I would encourage anyone with a genuine grievance to seek the advice and counsel of those organizations.