Am I Clairvoyant Now? No, but …

October 29, 2004

In my last blog post, I said the following:

I just have one question at this point: Is it possible that even John Kerry could stoop so low as to exploit this development? I will be watching to see if he reiterates his lie that President Bush delegated the task of capturing Bin Laden to Afghan war lords. If he does that will be a new low for Kerry. But he seems to have an irresistible impulse that intensifies the closer we get to election day. And we couldn’t be much closer.

I was just surfing on Free Republic and found this post:

BREAKING: Kerry Blames Bush For Bin Laden Tape On Local Interview. Mentions Tora Bora.

Posted on 10/29/2004 3:22:13 PM PDT by montereyp1

On a local Milwaukee news station WISN – Kerry was asked to respond to the new Bin-Laden tape and bits of it were played for him and he actually had the gall to say something to the effect of:

“Well, if Bush hadn’t let him get away in Tora Bora…”

Can you believe this? After he praised the mission at the time! After Tommy Franks was very clear that no one was sure he was there. After he knows we had Special Forces in there!

He uses this awful veriled threat to score political points!

I’ve heard Holbrooke and Begala both say this on CNN.

There needs to be a backlash. This feeds right into “he’ll say anything…”

Awaiting a transcript.

You have to admit, I’m entitled to do some serious bragging here, am I not??????????