Obama’s Unity Charade

June 2, 2008

The $64 million question is how long Barack Obama can carry forward this ruse that he is a uniter, when he has placed himself in a climate that is, at the very least, quite accommodating to an anti-white racist perspective, vulgarity and anti-Americanism. How many more shoes can drop without Obama’s presidential quest completely imploding?

It strained credulity that Obama could have been unaware of the toxic environment of his Trinity United Church of Christ and its pastor, Jeremiah Wright. Actually, that didn’t pass the laugh test.

But now we have the Rev. Michael Pfleger bursting on the scene — the scene being the now-infamous Trinity Church — and spewing the most offensive, racially charged remarks imaginable.

Truly, if Obama weren’t the protected darling of the mainstream media and if the Democrats were not horrified of losing their monopolistic hold on the African-American vote, superdelegates would abandon Obama in stampedes — yesterday.

Have you watched the video of the Rev. Pfleger’s racist bilge before Obama’s former congregation? Just as importantly, did you witness the approving reaction of the congregation? After all, as I said at the time the Rev. Jeremiah Wright tapes surfaced, what was as disturbing as Wright’s tirades was the congregation’s approving reaction.

It is indeed laughable for Obama to have maintained the charade that he sat in a church for 20 years and came away unaware of the vicious propensities of his pastor. But it’s laughable on stilts that he could have also been unaware that his fellow congregants were receptive to these messages.

Listen to how the new pastor of Trinity United Church of Christ, the Rev. Otis Moss III, introduced the Rev. Pfleger the day Pfleger unleashed his vitriol to the pastor’s welcoming congregation: “He needs no introduction. He is a friend of Trinity; he is a brother beloved; he’s a preacher par excellence; he is a prophetic, powerful pulpiteer; he is our friend; he is our brother; he is none other than Father Michael Pfleger. We welcome him once again.”

Now listen to what this preacher par excellence, friend and brother of Barack Obama’s former church went on to say, and tell me with a straight face this episode and Jeremiah Wright’s outbursts — coupled with Barack Obama’s longtime membership in this church — wouldn’t have already disqualified any other presidential candidate in recent memory:

“We must be honest enough to address the one who says, ‘Don’t hold me responsible for what my ancestors did.’ But you have enjoyed the benefits of what your ancestors did! And unless you are ready to give up the benefits, throw away your 401 fund, throw away your trust fund, throw away all the money that’s been put away in the company you walked into ’cause your daddy and your granddaddy and your great-granddaddy … Unless you’re willing to give up the benefits, then you must be responsible for what was done in your generation ’cause you are the beneficiary of this insurance policy! We must be honest enough to expose white entitlement and supremacy wherever it raises its head.”

Next Pfleger said he believed Hillary Clinton was sincere when she cried publicly a while back: “I really believe that she just always thought, ‘This is mine. I’m Bill’s wife. I’m white, and this is mine. I just gotta get up and step into the plate.’ And then out of nowhere,” said Pfleger, “came … Barack Obama.” Then Pfleger imitates Hillary saying or thinking, “‘Oh, damn! Where did you come from? I’m white! I’m entitled! There’s a black man stealing my show!'” Pfleger then said, “She wasn’t the only one crying. There was a whole lot of white people crying.”

Through it all, many congregants were standing, clapping, whistling and yelling out their approval.

And what did the Rev. Moss say when he came back up to the pulpit after exchanging another hug with Pfleger? “We thank God for the message, and we thank God for the messenger. We thank God for Father Michael Pfleger.”

Can you imagine what Democrats must be thinking after seeing this same theme surface over and over in Obama’s orbit? Can you blame Hillary Clinton for continuing to remain in a race against an opponent who brings more politically fatal baggage to his candidacy with each passing day and whom she has beaten soundly during the past several months?

Obama’s public decision to break from this church after all this time is an absurdly inadequate response to stanch the bleeding of his candidacy.

Please forget for a moment Obama’s inexperience and the flaws in his policy positions across the board. You may reasonably disagree with me about those things. But please explain, in view of the ongoing revelations about his associations, how Obama hasn’t lost all credibility to present himself as one who could unify this nation.

I just don’t get it.