Kerry Campaign Beginning and Ending With Lies

October 28, 2004

One of my favorite blogs,, which I hope continues beyond election day, has a great piece on Kerry’s pattern of lying during the campaign season. In the post the author discusses how “for the last 2 years or so the left wing America-haters have been spouting lie after ridiculous lie about George Bush.” I completely agree, but would add that it’s more that “2 years or so.”

I predicted in a column during the Florida election debacle that Dems would conduct a 4 years War in which I said, among other things:

I truly hope I’m wrong about this, but I have come to conclude that Gore’s perpetual post-election tantrum is just a prelude to the next four years. Democrats, I’m afraid, are just getting warmed up for their Four Years War. Yes, they are trying to change the outcome of the election, even though they know it’s a long shot. But their tactics in furtherance of that end also square nicely with their aim to delegitimize Bush’s presidency in the event their contest fails. So, from this perspective, what do they have to lose?

In seeking to win they have ignored mandatory deadlines, filed false affidavits, misrepresented case law both to the Florida Supreme Court and to the state circuit court, ignored the clear mandates of the federal Constitution, overtly changed rules in the middle of the stream, euphemistically characterized improperly cast votes (non-votes) as “undervotes,” contacted electors to intimidate them into switching their pledged Bush votes to Gore, and defamed Secretary of State Katherine Harris for performing her legal duties.

And I was right, if I do so say so myself. They began immediately attacking President Bush, saying he stole the election and suppressed the black vote, though investigations proved there was no black voter intimidation. It was only immediately after 9-11 that Dems engaged in a brief honeymoon with the president. What choice did they have?

Crushkerry correctly observes about the Democratic Party: “with the sudden and unexpected rise of Howard Dean, we actually found out what we thought was the lunatic fringe was actually the mainstream of the Democratic party.”

That’s the point, but I think the wholesale corruption of the Democratic Party was consummated during the Clinton years. They had to sell their souls to justify Clinton’s behavior and they only got more radical and militant during the Gore presidential campaign and the Florida contests, and their aftermath. They have been going absolutely bonkers since, other than for the 9-11 interlude. The Michael Moores run this party. The decent Democrats are no longer in charge. But worse, they’re not protesting any of the corruption and lies. They have deluded themselves into rationalizing any Democratic misconduct, such as their ongoing and further planned election misconduct, with their insidious moral equivalency arguments. Seriously, Democratic friends of mine, when confronted with incontrovertible evidence of Dem chicanery, glibly respond that “both parties do it.” Case closed. No critical analysis, no discriminating inquiries required. They just dismiss the charge of Democratic election (and other) corruption in the face of overwhelming evidence because there are allegations — completely unsubstantiated — of misconduct from the Republican side. So the fact that Democrats in multiple states are systematically engaging in election fraud as we speak is pooh poohed by the Left, by reference to specious charges about GOP black voter intimidation. They cannot name one name — because it is not happening.

Almost as much as I truly fear a Kerry presidency, especially during wartime, I fear for our future when an entire major political party has willingly embraced a win-at-all-costs mindset, an end-justifies the means approach, a willingness to break all election registration rules when it increases the registration of likely Democratic voters in the name of promoting the voter franchise, but an aggressive effort to disenfranchise other groups that are likely to vote for Bush (or Nader).

Do they have any concept how badly their 2000 election theft efforts and the resulting litigation damaged our democratic processes? Does victory mean so much to them that they are willing to drag the nation through another ten Floridas this year if their cheating doesn’t deliver Kerry a victory on election night? Do they care? While I tend to be optimistic in general, I can’t help but be very anxious about the long term damage their conduct is doing to our system of government. They are planting seeds of distrust in the election process throughout the fifty states to the point that I don’t know if President Bush can win unless he garners 4 or 5% more actual votes than Kerry — enough to absorb any cheating and to insulate the victory from litigation challenges.

This may sound like a rant to you but reasonable people all over the place understand that this is going on. John Fund has written a book about it. The mild-mannered George Will has written about it. This is really going on and everyone should be concerned — not just that John Kerry could be elected through fraud, but that the system itself could be in serious jeopardy if this continues.

Update – (to steal a very useful technique from my friend Michelle Malkin): I just remembered that does intend to continue their blogging excellence after the election under the and they explained it in a post last week.