Debate Transcript and Brief Comments

October 7, 2004

Here’s the transcript of tonight’s Vice Presidential debate. I was unable to watch because I’m in North Carolina for three speeches, the third one tonight at UNC-Wilmington, home of fellow conservative scrapper/columnist/activist/professor Mike Adams, who graciously introduced me. Last night was UNC-Chapel Hill. Both great experiences and impressive College Republican organizations. I met many bright, mature and engaged students on both campuses as I labored to inculcate all of them with my unmitigated propaganda.

We tried to listen to the debate on the way back in the car but the reception was spotty. My impression was that VP Cheney took it to Edwards very decisively for well over half the debate. He was clearly superior on the facts, more responsive to the questions, more direct in his answers, and more pointed in his criticisms of Edwards and Kerry. Edwards responded with a lot of generalities, most of which were unusually ineffective on substance, but I have no idea how the slickster may have come off visually. I found it amazing that he simply evaded a number of questions, especially those pertaining to how Kerry’s “global test” was not tantamount to conferring a veto on foreign nations over our national security.