The Incivility of Lawrence O’Donnell

October 22, 2004

MSNBC’s ostensible senior political analyst Lawrence O’Donnell made a complete ass of himself shouting down, interrupting, filibustering, and otherwise being rude to the consummate gentleman John O’Neill on Scarborough Country tonight.

I have not yet watched the complete video, but have it recorded and will do so tomorrow morning when more rested. But I’ve read accounts now on Free Republic and Free Republic and Michelle Malkin’s blog.

As I mentioned in my previous post, O’Donnell was showing his hysterical liberal colors alongside fellow lib Eleanor Clift on the McLaughlin Group tonight as well. Bush let 9-11 happen, he’s responsible for the flu vaccine problem, and basically for the Fall of man. The Dems simply will not let the Swiftees speak. All they can do is repeat the mantra that they’ve been discredited — when they never have — silence them, censor them, and duck their charges. Kerry himself has never responded with any specificity to the charges. We can now reasonably assume the charges are true, otherwise Kerry would have refuted them. Of the opposing parties here, we might note that he’s the only one who’s been forced to retract and recant on a number of occasions.

But the thing O’Donnell’s repeated outbursts — he also made some outrageous statements about the president’s faith and Mary Cheney’s sexual orientation — demonstrate is that we simply can’t afford to have these people back in control of the White House. It’s not just O’Donnell. Many of the Left’s major players behave utterly without dignity, without maturity, without civility. They act like the dangerous, licentious nihilists they are. The adults must stay in charge.

If Democrats hadn’t abandoned the practice of policing themselves, which they did during the Clinton years, if not before — we might not have so much to fear from their stewardship. But they’ve become institutionally corrupt across the board (at the national level and trickling down too often into the states). Which is why I truly fear that widespread cheating will take place from their side on election day. And if that fails to deliver them victory, which I believe it will, they’ll probably inundate us with litigation, making Florida 2000 look like child’s play.

I wish I didn’t feel this way, but I truly believe that the powers that be in the Democratic hierarchy care not a whit about the damage they are doing to the republic with their unfounded charges of Republican election fraud, and the actual election fraud they’re now engaged in and planning for the future. No one will be happier than I if my fears do not materialize. But unless President Bush wins by a strong electoral vote majority, there will doubtlessly be shenanigans in the offing. We shall see. In the meantime, look for verbal bullies like O’Donnell and James Carville to continue shouting and obfuscating. That’s all they have left.

I’m sure I’ll have more to rant about when I watch the complete video of Scarborough tomorrow. Stay tuned.