Indiscriminate Liberal Exploitation

October 22, 2004

Is there any issue liberals won’t exploit in their quest for the White House? The sheer fact that they can blame President Bush for almost anything is proof enough their big-government ideology is wrong for the nation.

Is it the government’s responsibility to prevent the flu? Even if you think so, is it automatically George Bush’s fault that the supplies were contaminated and insufficient backup was available? That was the position of staunch liberals and Kerry supporters Lawrence O’Donnell and Eleanor Clift on the McLaughlin Group. O’Donnell also said that 9-11 was President Bush’s fault. (By the way, when did John McLaughlin become such an anti-Bushite? I thought he used to be a conservative. Was I hallucinating all those years when I used to watch the show?) But I thought Tony Blankly and Pat Buchanan did an admirable job fending off the malicious and vicious allegations O’Donnell and Clift were parroting for Team Kerry.

Pat Buchanan deserves sincere patriot kudos for supporting President Bush, given his many disagreements with him, particularly with respect to Iraq and foreign policy in general. Though I disagree with Pat on all kinds of things these days he remains a patriot and intellectually honest. Tony Blankley, Washington Times editorial page editor, is always right on.

In the “let’s blame President Bush for everything department” we also have this week the spectacle of Christopher Reeves’ widow on the stump with John Kerry endorsing the Senator presumably because President Bush didn’t do enough to save her husband and Kerry would have. This was right in line with Senator Edwards’ embarrassingly ludicrous statement that if John Kerry were president people like Christopher Reeve would get out of their wheelchairs and walk again. Everything is the responsibility and duty of the government in their worldview and everything is within immediate reach, presumably including the perfectibility of the human race (excluding conservatives, of course).

Also in the same vein we had Brooke Campbell, the sister of an American soldier killed in Iraq while searching for WMD, featured on an anti-Bush TV ad, titled, “He Doesn’t Get It.” In the ad, President Bush’s insensitivity in making light of our inability to find WMDs is denounced and Ms. Campbell says, “I watched President Bush make a joke…my brother died looking for WMD.” She also said, “I think it’s an unpardonable crime to ask somebody to risk his or her life for something that’s impossible to believe in.” Of course the thrust of the ad and the Dem propaganda is still that the president lied about WMD. I guess these people figure that if they repeat this lie a billion more times eventually enough people will believe it to deliver John Kerry a majority of electoral votes.

Have the Democrats blamed President Bush for the rash of hurricanes we had a month or so ago? If not, why not? They’d have just as much basis for doing so as they’ve had for some of the other charges they’ve made. There is just no issue, no calamity, no mishap, no unfortunate turn of events the Democrats will not exploit for political gain.