Washington Times Editorial on Leftist Voter Fraud

October 22, 2004

Right after entering my last post on the AP story detailing Kerry’s post-election planned mischief I came across this Washington Times editorial addressing the same general subject: the Left’s ongoing disrespect for the electoral process and their willingness to do anything to win. In the meantime, certain die hards in the Old Media, like the New York Times Paul Krugman, are busy recycling lies about Republican voter intimidation of blacks in Florida. It’s interesting that Krugman is always falsely accusing George Bush of lying and yet here he is passing on these stories, which liberal Orlando columnist Jeffrey Billman called “bull.” Here’s a little — but very important — snippet from the times editorial:

Regarding the 2000 election, allegations of mass voter intimidation and suppression in Florida were determined to be unfounded by the U.S. Civil Rights Commission, which spent six months investigating the charges. In recent months, Messrs. Herbert and Krugman of the New York Times have given extensive publicity to charges that members of the Florida state police tried to intimidate black voters while investigating fraud in the Orlando mayoral election this year. After conducting his own investigation of the charges, Jeffrey Billman, a columnist for the liberal Orlando Weekly newspaper, pronounced them “bull‚Äî.” Saying they were part of a legitimate investigation into whether one of the candidates manipulated absentee ballots.
     Thus far, the evidence suggests that the Bush-bashers are the people engaged in political chicanery when it comes to the question of voting rights.