Standing Athwart Iraqi History and Yelling ‘Stop’

December 15, 2005

“If we win back the House, I think we have a pretty solid case to bring articles of impeachment against this president,” said the increasingly shameless John Kerry, speaking to 100 of his hapless 2004 presidential campaign warriors, according to the Hotline. That pretty much sums up the substance of the Democrats’ master plan for the War on Terror.

While the Iraqi people courageously march toward constitutional self-rule, the Democratic Party is too full of pride and too committed to its predictions of and investment in doom to recognize the magnitude of this historic achievement. Whether or not they are rooting for the aspiring democrats in the Middle East, it clearly kills them that these events are occurring at the behest of the reviled President George W. Bush.

When you juxtapose President Bush’s mature stewardship of America’s national security against the destructive sniping of the Democratic Party, the contrast is staggering. Bush-haters can cynically dismiss this all they want, but the president, despite the nonstop abuse with which they have bombarded him for five years, is on the verge of distinguishing himself as a Churchillian visionary in the annals of world history.

Though we can’t be 100 percent certain of the permanence of the transformations unfolding in Iraq and the larger Middle East, many of us seem to be greatly under-appreciating the profundity of what is now taking place.

In President Bush’s most recent speech on Iraq, made necessary to further rebut the lies and propaganda issuing from Democratic bile machines, he reminded Americans of the justness of our cause in Iraq, notwithstanding our failure to find the degree of WMD we anticipated were there.

President Bush rightly defended the prudence and moral imperative of our invasion of Iraq. He reiterated his heartfelt, reasonable and correct belief that Saddam Hussein was a terrorist-abetting menace who represented a genuine threat to American security and had to be deposed for that reason alone, not to mention myriad others. He also spoke of our commitment to the Iraqi people and its new government and our noble role in helping to establish and stabilize it.

Instead of joining with the president in emphasizing the triumphs that have occurred in Iraq in a stunningly short period of time, the Democrats have chosen to exaggerate any and every morsel of negativity. They have taken sides, by their disgraceful words and actions, with those forces in Iraq and elsewhere in the world who are actively undermining the interests of America and her troops, the cause of the Iraqi people and the forces of goodness in the Global War on Terror.

Democratic leaders have had a chance to rise to this historic occasion and stand tall with the president and his party in the face of the evil enemy against whom we are at war for the survival of civilization. But they have instead made themselves ever smaller, demonstrating a reckless partisan pettiness perhaps without parallel in our nation’s history, considering what is currently at stake in this struggle.

On the eve of the Iraqi election, in which the courageous Iraqi people would once again risk their lives to vote and consummate their investment in their new republic, Democratic leaders were too paralyzed by their own Bush-hating straightjacket to grasp the sheer majesty of what was happening.

You didn’t catch would-be-president John Kerry, House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi or Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid rejoicing at this milestone for the Iraqi people and praising the United States, much less President Bush, for making this possible. They were too busy making asses of themselves, launching vitriol at President Bush.

After paying grudging lip service to Iraq’s movement toward democracy, Pelosi issued a statement berating President Bush for invading Iraq instead of pursuing Osama bin Laden and al-Qaeda. Displaying her well-hidden brilliance, she opined that “there are ways for the United States to make Iraq more stable that do not require 160,000 U.S. troops in Iraq and which would make the American people safer and the Middle East more secure.” In the meantime, Harry Reid proudly declared that we are not winning in Iraq.

Frankly, the nay-saying and specious arguments advanced by these people who masquerade as national leaders shouldn’t be dignified with a response. Suffice it to say that they demonstrate how blessed America is at this point in her history not to have the modern Democratic leadership in charge of her national security.

God bless America, her brave soldiers and President Bush.