Edwards Spewing Venom Again

October 16, 2004

In an apparent contest to decide who can be nastiest among the Kerry-Edwards foursome, John Edwards issued his latest volley today trying to one-up his wife’s outrageous insult toward Lynne Cheney. In just the latest in a series of reckless, unsupportable, irresponsible and destructive allegations about planned Republican election mischief, Edwards said, without a shred of proof:

We know they’re going to be up to their old tricks, right, trying to keep people from voting. … We are at ground zero for where the decision will be made about who the next president of the United States will be. And, we know what’s coming, right? We know what’s coming. The Republicans are already up to it.

Kerry, Edwards, McAuliffe and others have been planting seeds for some time now that the GOP plans to cheat on election day. Their purpose is to lay a foundation for what will be a series of democracy-shattering, bogus election challenges in the battleground states if Kerry doesn’t win. There won’t just be a repeat of Florida. There’ll be ten or twelve of them, all individually nastier than Florida 2000.

Exacerbating this is the fact that it is the Dems who plan on election chicanery, through voter registration fraud and other tricks throughout the land. They’ve hired thousands upon thousands of lawyers to implement their mischief. I think the national Democratic Party has so corrupted itself that it has little remaining integrity as an institution. This is apparent with their retention of thug Terry McAuliffe as their leader. I think they are so desperate to win that “the ends justify the means” doesn’t even begin to cover their guiding philosophy.

One thing that makes their task easier is the years of the Clinton tactic of neutralizing every one of the Dems dirty tricks by reducing it to moral equivalence. Just the other day I heard some college prof. detailing the reports that Dems plan on cheating. But when O’Reilly asked him rhetorically if the GOP wasn’t planning on similarly chicanery the prof affirmed.

In other words, it doesn’t matter what Dems or their officials or candidates do anymore because the GOP, without any corroborating evidence is presumed guilty of equal crimes. This is maddening. There is not always equal malfeasance from each side of a contest, whether it’s marital trouble or a political campaign. Sometimes people are just up to no good without provocation and without anywhere near to equal misconduct on the other side.

There is no evidence that Repubs are planning election fraud, but there is evidence that Dems are. Yet the Dems are the ones squawking about it. And the problem is, based on my observation of the 2000 Florida debacle, the Dem rank and file either doesn’t believe their guys are up to no good, or doesn’t care. What a schism we have in this nation. And how dangerous that America has to fight this War on Terror as a “house divided.”