Hate, Liberals, Intimidation, and The English Language

May 10, 2005

I hate it when liberals accuse those who disagree with them of purveying hatred. I truly hate such distortions and manipulations of language. For me to oppose gay marriage, for example, does not mean I hate gays. For me to oppose abortion doesn’t mean I hate women who favor it. As a Christian, I certainly don’t hate non-believers. We are called to evangelize non-believers out of duty and love, not hatred. But liberals have discovered that they can get a lot of political and cultural mileage by falsely accusing conservatives and Christians of hatred — so they do it. And it’s truly vicious when you think about it. And it’s also profoundly ironic, because when you really observe what’s going on, you’ll see a lot more hate emanating from the Left. It’s not even close. Here’s the sweet e-mail I received and my little response, which was returned to me as undeliverable. These accusers don’t even want to see my response, apparently.

Here’s the lady’s e-mail to me:

Jesus never said it was okay to hate and judge one’s fellow man. People like you are the very sorts the bible warns us against. You are a monger of hatred towards all those who do not beleive as you beleive. Jesus taught tolerance and love. He never asked any of those he healed if they were homosexual.

You preach hatred. You bring shame to Christianity. If Jesus came back he would not support the war in Iraq. Then people like you would call him a treasonous peacenik.

I challenge you to pick up the bible and point to where Jesus preached hatred towards non-beleivers, those of othe religons and culturers and homosexuals.

You won’t find it.

Here’s my response:

This is sad, Kim. I have never preached hatred against anyone, much less those who don’t believe as I believe. What is it about liberals who attribute hatred to all who disagree with them? You do gross injustice to the English language when you make such ridiculously unfair accusations. I challenge you to show me where I preached hatred toward non-believers. To quote you, “you won’t find it.” David