Tancredo and DeLay

April 18, 2005

Tom Tancredo’s suggestion that Tom DeLay ought to step-down temporarily from his leadership position is disappointing, to the say the least. Contrary to Tancredo’s reasoning, this move would not mitigate Democratic obstruction, but exacerbate it. DeLay’s resignation without cause would be to Democrats like blood to a shark. It would encourage and reward them to level charges against others who get in their way, knowing that the mere allegations themselves, without proof, might be sufficient to accomplish their ends. The sole question should be whether DeLay has done something wrong, not how effective he can be “under a cloud.” If you define a cloud by being accused of things, he’s always been under a cloud, as has anyone else who is an effective conservative leader. Do you remember how Democrats assaulted Newt with tens of charges until one of them finally stuck, which had nothing to do with any of his activities in the House? Tancredo is exactly wrong. DeLay must stay and fight as a message to Democrats that our side will not be bullied and will continue to press for the policies we believe in.