Howard Dean Urges Semantic Tweak for Dems on Abortion

April 17, 2005

This article in the San Diego Union Tribune reports that DNC Chairman Howard Dean told Democrats they needed to start talking about abortion in terms of “choice,” and not defending abortion.

“I think we need to talk about abortion differently,” Dean said. “Republicans have painted us into a corner where they have forced us to defend abortion. I don’t know anybody who’s for abortion.”

Excuse me, but I don’t remember a Democrat ever admitting the truth that he or she supports abortion, rather than choice.

It might be that Dean is concerned that people are finally changing their minds, as honestly conducted polls tend to reveal that “pro-choicers” are in the minority. Like so many other things with Dems, e.g., the values debate, or religious freedom issues, they think they can just massage their rhetoric and change the public’s perception of their views. Dean said something else interesting:

“We can make common ground with folks,” he said. “The issue we need to debate is not whether abortion is a good thing. The issue we need to debate is whether a woman gets to make up her own mind about her health care or whether Tom DeLay gets to make up her mind.”

Here we have another trick right out of the age-old Dem playbook. They pick their favorite demon of the week — a demon they usually created through their endless politics of personal destruction — and attempt to personify every issue by reference to the “demon.” Remember how every other day a decade or so again when they tried to morph everything and everyone they didn’t like into Newt Gingrich? Now it’s Tom Delay. You see, Dean thinks he can shift attention away from his party’s moral bankruptcy on this issue by this bizarre attempt to scapegoat Tom Delay as the one who wants to divorce pregnant mother’s from their “right” to kill their babies in the womb.

Dean is constantly employing this technique by referring to Rush as well. It seems to fire up their base when they refer to effective conservatives. In the meantime, though, there is a positive side to all this: Democrats must be finally beginning to feel defensive about abortion. They might finally think they are losing momentum on the abortion issue — which they are. More and more the public is going to see that their position on this issue is simply indefensible.

But for Dean and the pro-aborts to pretend they’re not pro-abortion is kind of like the Dems saying they oppose the war and support the troops. Please tell the souls of the lost babies that Dean et al abhor abortion. “I don’t know anyone who’s for abortion.”

Well, Howard, I’ve got news for you. If you and your cronies do everything you can to influence the government to sanction this hideous act, you are for abortion. Try telling the radical feminists who make up a large part of your base that you’re not for abortion. I dare you to make such a sacrilegious statement at a meeting of those darlings. The fact is that the “choice” movement has a vested interest in maximizing the number of abortions occurring. You Dems depend on such sickness. You make your own bed. You are pro-abortion.