Eric Pfeiffer on Delay at NRO

April 12, 2005

Eric Pfeiffer has a fantastic summary and explanation of the charges — ethical and legal — against Tom Delay that’s a must read. In a nutshell, most of the charges against Delay are overstated, probably no legal infractions, other than a technical one that he violated because he didn’t receive notice of a change in the status of a business, and not much on the ethical side either, unless you think it’s wrong for him to have had his staff on his campaign payroll even though House rules apparently permit it. Many other members engage in the practice as well, including Harry Reid. The mainstream media is clearly on a witch hunt, interested more in nailing Delay than in getting out the facts. But regardless of whether and the extent to which DeLay has engaged in improprieties, he faces the real possibility of being criminally charged by prosecutor Ronnie Earle, who, according to the article, has made politically-related indictments in the past, including of Kay Bailey Hutchison. And, if DeLay’s indicted House Rules require that he give up his leadership position, irrespective of his guilt. If acquitted he could be restored to his position, if the membership so chose. Beyond this rough recapitulation, you must read the article. Loaded with info and makes a complex subject much more understandable.