Dems Prefer Trashing GOP to Mourning Pope

April 4, 2005

The American Spectator’s “The Prowler” has an interesting column today, “Democrats Without a Prayer,” in which he points out that Dems were too busy trying to make hay against the Repubs proposed “nuclear option” to pause to mourn the Pope’s imminent passing.

Senator Harry Reid and Congressman Nancy Pelosi, exuding the compassion that characterizes the party they lead, “refused to adapt the party’s weekly radio address to the breaking news that Pope John Paul II was on his death bed.”

“We had a plan in place for a national radio address that would have highlighted the Pope’s stand on social justice and equality for all,” says a Democratic National Committee staffer. “They wouldn’t do it. They said it would look like pandering, that it wasn’t helpful to their agenda.”

Instead the Dems went with an odd radio address by former Democratic Senate Majority Leader George Mitchell, in which he attacked Republicans for mulling use of a parliamentary rule that would allow the majority party to get judicial nominees approved by a mere majority of the Senate, instead of the 60 votes now required.

Some Democrats apparently do get it — not that these types have any clout in their party — you know, the party of “values.” The Prowler pointed out:

Her Catholicism notwithstanding, Pelosi was especially adamant about pressing ahead with the political agenda, according to a House leadership staffer. “This wasn’t counter-intuitive,” says the staffer. “This was just being stupid and stubborn. It’s another example of where we are going wrong as a party.”

“This is another example of where we just don’t get it,” says a Democratic pollster in New York. “We knew the Pope was dying. We knew we had an opportunity, and we just ignore it and go ahead and act like the Democrats all those Red Staters think we are. We attack the Republicans for trying to save the Schiavo woman, and we ignore the Pope’s passing. Somehow I know this is just going to come back and bite us in the ass.”