Michael Schiavo’s Incalculable Coldness

March 31, 2005

Some of the pro-death forces have e-mailed me and chastised me for “judging” Michael Schiavo in my various columns and blog posts. I didn’t really think I was being too judgmental toward Michael in my writings, just pointing out his obvious conflict of interest and other allegations that raise numerous troubling questions. But now that you mention it, I do believe this guy is just — how shall we say it? — not one of the good guys. Whatever else you want to say about him, this man is a cold, cold customer. Every health care provider…

involved in Terri’s care that I heard addressing the matter on TV or radio volunteered that Michael was a mean, controlling S.O.B. Even one nurse who treated Terri (in 1993, I think) who thought she was in a PVS, said that Michael was a cruel man who lies a lot.

There’s more, so much more, indicating this guy’s heartlessness, but other than his orchestration of this healthy woman’s death, I don’t think anything demonstrates his objective, haunting coldness, more than his refusal today to let Terri’s parents and siblings be with Terri in her final moments of life. If any liberal or other pro-death activist wants to lecture me about judging Michael without sufficient knowledge, I’ll vigorously point to this one soulless act in refusing his family to be with her at the end. If I were them I don’t know how I could possibly turn the other cheek on that one — though I know I would be called to do so.

May God bless Terri, her parents and her siblings, who showed incredible class, poise, dignity and decency throughout this ordeal.