Epilogue to Unfit for Command

October 16, 2004

This link will take you to a page at Human Events Online where you can request via e-mail a free copy of John O’Neill and Jerry Corsi’s Epilogue to their expose on John Kerry. The epilogue “looks at how Kerry has had to change his story in responsne to evidence presented in this book.”

As readers of my columns or blog will know, I am exasperated by the Old Media’s constant unsupported assertion that the Swiftees have been discredited. In fact, precisely the opposite is true. I’m unaware of any particular in which the Swiftees have been impeached. But this epilogue shows how Kerry has had to backpedal and change his positions numerous times and stonewall on others. Indeed Kerry has never responded to any of these allegations directly. Their only defense is slander and censorship, hardly the weapons of a truth warrior.