Hillary, the Sophisticated Schemer

March 29, 2005

I pity those who have fallen for Hillary Clinton’s attempted makeover. She is now presenting herself as a hawkish, centrist Democrat who also has a soft — let’s call it “human” side. I also believe we underestimate this women’s shrewdness at our peril.

Newsmax is reporting via the Washington Post that Hillary’s “allies” are beginning to commandeer key party posts as she positions herself for a 2008 presidential run — a move she continues to deny. From the article:

The Washington Post reports that Friends of Hillary are cropping up in key posts at the Democratic National Committee and other DNC-friendly organizations.

For instance, the paper reported, Harold Ickes — longtime Democratic operative and friend — has taken the helm at America Coming Together, an influential labor organization.

Also, Howard Wolfson, another friend, is “taking on a contract to shape strategy at the state Democratic Party in New York,” the paper reported.

And Howard Dean, head of the DNC, has replaced Jano Cabrera as communications director with Karen Finney, who served as deputy press secretary in the first lady’s office during the Clinton years. Finney also served as Hillary’s spokeswoman during the former’s successful Senate bid in 2000.

Finally, Mike Gehrke is replacing the DNC’s research director, Jason Miner. Gehrke once worked in the Clinton White House. He then lent his research skills to the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee later on.