Et Tu, Sen. Burr?

May 10, 2019

How nauseating that RINO Sen. Richard Burr, as chairman of the Senate Intelligence Committee, is doing the bidding of vindictive Democrats in issuing a subpoena to Donald Trump Jr.
Burr has joined the Democrats’ investigatory vendetta against President Trump, most recently exemplified in the House Judiciary Committee’s vote to hold Attorney General Will Barr in contempt of Congress. Democrats claim Barr is in contempt for failing to release an unredacted report by special counsel Robert Mueller, allegedly lying twice to Congress and refusing to appear before the committee. All three claims are absurd on their face and, if heard by an impartial tribunal, will be rejected.
Democrats are pounding their chests in fake indignation that Barr lied in his summary of Mueller’s report, but in all particulars, his summary tracked with the report, which Mueller affirmed. You can’t quite make a case of contempt for lying when the witness told the truth.
As for his refusal to appear, Barr sat through hours of grilling and abuse by grandstanding senators and only decided to cancel his appearance before the House when Democrats announced that professional staffers would aid them in the questioning. Enough is enough.
Concerning the charge that Barr refused to turn over the unredacted report, he has already released to Congress a version that is 98 percent unredacted. “Democrats are therefore seeking a contempt sanction on a report that is 98 percent disclosed and only lacks grand jury material,” wrote law professor Jonathan Turley, who pointed out that the key obstruction portion of the report is “virtually unredacted.”
The Democrats are acting in bad faith, ignoring the bulk of the report and its conclusions in trying to create a smoke screen of confusion to dupe their base and other parts of the credulous public who might be susceptible to believing they really have the goods on Trump at last.
Now Sen. Burr has climbed aboard the Democrats’ Witch Hunt Train, where he’ll be consigned to the caboose as long as Conductor Jerrold Nadler, House Judiciary Committee chairman, insists on chugging his locomotive down this partisan track.
It’s easy to understand what Nadler and his Democrat colleagues are up to — they’ve been telegraphing their plan to impede Trump’s agenda through endless investigations over matters on which Trump has already been cleared. They have no intention of allowing him to be president — ever. I would say, “Shame on them,” except they’re shameless. They know exactly what they’re doing. They know it’s wrong. But it serves their lower purposes, and that’s all that matters.
It would be too charitable to accuse the Democrats and Burr of going on a fishing expedition because they know there’s only dead fish in their toxic lake. They don’t stand a snowball’s chance of impeaching Trump or laying a glove on Don Jr. But they think they have plenty to gain in harassing the president, his family and anyone in his administration or wider orbit. If a team of highly skilled, Trump-hating prosecutors was unable to find anything actionable against Trump, these lightweight clowns in Congress are going nowhere. We are witnessing an ongoing abuse of power in its purest form, which is sure to backfire on its perpetrators.
Sen. Burr is probably shell-shocked to have stuck his finger in this hellhole thinking he would be drenched with praise, only to draw back a bloody stump. He is being uniformly condemned as the sanctimonious opportunist he is.
Sen. John Cornyn, a fellow member of the Senate Intelligence Committee, said he’d discuss the subpoena with Burr but warned that the panel needs to stay out of politics, and that this move against Donald Trump Jr. “smacks of politics.” In a shot across the bow at Burr, Cornyn said that the Intelligence Committee needs to focus on its mission, “which is oversight of the intelligence community.” Let’s not lightly pass over that. Just what business does Burr think his committee has in further investigating a matter that has nothing remotely to do with intelligence, especially since Mueller concluded there was no collusion or coordination with Russia?
Sen. Mitch McConnell said the case was closed. Sen. Thom Tillis also criticized Burr’s subpoena, affirming that the Mueller report cleared Donald Trump Jr. and that “he’s already spent 27 hours testifying before Congress.” Sen. Rand Paul tweeted that Burr apparently didn’t get McConnell’s memo that the case was closed. House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy likewise tweeted that “Endless investigations — by either party – won’t change the fact that there was NO collusion.” Acting White House chief of staff Mick Mulvaney said that failing to notify the White House before issuing the subpoena was “bad form.”
It would be one thing for Burr to walk out on this brittle limb if he were pursuing a noble cause, but self-aggrandizement has never been considered virtuous. He is just going to be one more Republican who falls flat on his face while trying to ingratiate himself to the Trump-loathing mafia.
In an effort to divert the public’s gaze from his endless sexcapades and perjuries, then-President Bill Clinton pleaded that he just wanted the investigations against him to end because he needed to get back to work for the American people. Well, how about it, Democrats and enabling Republicans? Don’t you think it’s about time you showed a little respect for the will of the people and allowed President Trump to devote the full measure of his time and attention to the work of the American people?