Subpoenas Flying In Schiavo Case

March 18, 2005

Fresh off the wires, Fox News is reporting that:

House lawyers are on their way to Florida to issue subpoenas to several individuals involved in the case of a severely brain-damaged woman who was scheduled to have her feeding tube removed at 1 p.m. EST Friday…

FOX News has learned that the counsel for the House Government Reform Committee (search) issued subpoenas to Schiavo’s husband, Michael, her parents, the hospice administrator and the patient’s attending physician. FOX News has also obtained copies of the subpoenas.

That commmittee has scheduled a hearing on Friday, March 25, to hear from these individuals. In addition to the testimony, the subpoenas require that Schiavo’s feeding tube remain.

I’m not sure what authority Congress has in this matter and I’m doubly unsure about their authority to issue an order in a subpoena that Terri’s feeding tubes remain. This is going to get interesting.