Thank You, Stephen Colbert

May 5, 2017

I oppose the push to remove “The Late Show” comedian Stephen Colbert from the air because of his obscene tirade against President Donald Trump. In fact, I wish the video of his boorish diatribe would go viral.

The best remedy against the political left’s ongoing crusade to remake America in its own vulgar image is maximum exposure of its irrationality. If you haven’t seen Colbert’s rant, please watch it. It’s titled “This Monologue Goes Out To You, Mr. President” on YouTube. There was nothing funny about it; there was nothing clever. It was just one shallow insult after another.

I fail to understand the appeal of these obnoxious, mean-spirited leftist comics whose fawning, sheeplike audiences are about as discriminating as a glutton at a buffet table. They wouldn’t clap more if responding to applause cards — but, in fairness, that’s probably because they wouldn’t be able to read them.

It’s not just the comedians. The left has simply gone nuts, even more than usual. Liberals would have us believe that it is because of Trump’s policies or his character, but he’s done nothing other than what he promised on immigration and many other issues. The real reason is they have lost power. They have lost the presidency after basking in Obama for eight years.

Are they seriously claiming that Trump is too crude for them — the left, the masters of vulgarity and the steadfast opponents of fixed moral standards? By what standard do they condemn Trump?

They say they abhor Trump because he disrespects women, yet they worship the most notorious womanizer of all time — Bill Clinton. Give me a break.

Yes, liberals would have us believe that they are highly respectful of women and that their respect transcends partisan politics. But for the left, nothing transcends party politics. Liberals like women, gays and ethnic minorities — except when they’re conservative. Liberals routinely treat pro-life women as traitors to their gender. CBS News anchor Gayle King recently thanked Ivanka Trump for agreeing to an interview, calling her Mrs. Kushner — a faux pas she most likely would have been mortified over had someone on the right uttered it.

Leftists claim to be defenders of democracy, yet they assault the democratic process at every turn. They just refuse to accept the results of the presidential election. Their bureaucratic armies in federal agencies, from the Environmental Protection Agency to the Department of Labor, openly defy Trump’s executive orders. Their appellate judges twist the law into pretzels to thwart his lawful orders on immigration and his travel ban. They take to the streets to commit criminal acts of violence disguised as lawful protests, vandalizing property and creating mayhem. They assault police officers in the name of protecting American workers — as if cops aren’t American workers. They use violence to silence opposing political voices on the pretense that those opponents might incite violence. Their behavior is almost too absurd to take seriously — except it has very serious consequences, so we must showcase it.

Please, let them keep making jackasses of themselves so that the American people will see just how extreme the left has become — and will realize that this extremism has taken over the Democratic Party. Exposing liberals can only be in the best interests of this country.

If you think I’m exaggerating about the Democratic Party, you probably didn’t hear Democratic National Chairman Tom Perez telling immigrant workers: “No human being is illegal. We must treat everyone with dignity. … The Democratic Party will always be here, fighting for you.”

What exactly does Perez mean by that last line? Does his party support immigration enforcement or not? This is radical stuff, folks.

But it’s no worse than liberal media’s ghastly behavior at the White House Correspondents’ Association dinner. It’s no worse than Democratic Rep. Maxine Waters’ saying it’s “absolutely racist” for Trump to be hard-nosed on immigration and saying Trump is a “disgusting, poor excuse of a man.” It’s no worse than Democratic Sen. Cory Booker’s saying the GOP health care bill would “mean death” if it were to become law or than House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi’s saying the bill is “stupid,” “a moral monstrosity that will devastate seniors” and “a very sad, deadly joke.” It’s no worse than Democratic CNN political commentator Paul Begala’s calling Trump “a moral midget.” It’s no worse than “The Daily Show’s” Hasan Minhaj calling Trump the “liar in chief.” And it’s no less vile than CNN’s David Gregory’s gender-baiting by partially blaming Hillary Clinton’s loss on “misogyny.”

The Democrats would have us believe they’re the party of inclusion. That’s rich, considering Perez’s announcement that pro-life supporters are not welcome in the Democratic Party.

Democrats would have us believe they are the party of tolerance. That’s also rich, considering King’s asking Trump’s chief economic adviser, Gary Cohn, “What’s a nice registered Democrat boy doing working in a Republican administration?” There you go. You must not be nice if you work for Republicans.

Let them keep it up. Let them keep rioting, destroying property and hurting people in the name of love and harmony. Let them continue to suppress speech in the name of democracy. Let them demean and curse President Trump in the name of civility.

This is the very kind of childish insolence that led to the American people’s rejecting them and electing Donald Trump in November. Please keep it up, ladies and gentlemen, and we’ll just further build our coalition. America will be better off for it, and we thank you for that.