Bush on Uniting

October 13, 2004

He said that’s been his biggest regret — the partisan nature of Washington. He cites working with Ted Kennedy. He says there’s a lot of entrenched special interests. But President Bush says he’ll continue to work together. Bush turns back Kerry’s continual citing of John McCain, saying McCain supports him because he supports his handling of the War on Terror.

Now I can’t believe Schieffer injecting himself into this thing, saying he, like the two candidates has a strong woman and two daughters. Bush says the best thing is to listen to her. President Bush is very humble and real and personal in this answer, saying his wife speaks better English than he does. He says he fell in love at first sight. Now I hate to talk to talk about this in these terms, but he had to have won points with the women on that answer.

Kerry says they all three married up — boy I thought he stepped in it on that one, with the gigolo thing, but fortunately for him he bailed himself out with a little self-deprecating humor — I didn’t think he had it in him. But Kerry did ok on this answer too.