Henry Hyde Retiring?

March 15, 2005

An article in the Chicago Sun-Times is stating publicly what has been rumored for some time: that Congressman Henry Hyde will not run for re-election. Henry Hyde is a great man and a great American, but if this story turns out to be true — and we should know in April — all is not bleak. I spoke at an event in Chicago last weekend for an outstanding Illinois State Senator, Peter Roskam. The rumor is that if Mr. Hyde indeed decides not to run, the conservative Christian Roskam will run for his position. I had a long conversation with Roskam and talked with many of his supporters and people who know him well, and on all counts I am very impressed. So this post is not to affirm the rumor about Congressman Hyde’s retirement, but to assure you that if he does retire, there is an excellent man waiting in the wings to take his place. Peter Roskam, by the way, is mentioned in the article as a possible successor.