Condi Won’t Run For Pres

March 14, 2005

I’ve been saying this all along, though I don’t remember if I’ve written about it, either in a column or a blog post, but Condoleezza Rice is not going to run for president in 2008 or any other time. Those, like Dick Morris, who fantasize a dream match between Dr. Rice and Hillary are going to be disappointed. Secretary Rice said yesterday on ABC’s “This Week,” “I don’t have any desire to run for president. I don’t intend to. I won’t do it.” Now that’s pretty firm, leaving no room for doubt about what she means.

It has just been a gut feeling for me, but I believe that Dr. Rice’s first love is scholarship and academia. I know she believes in answering the higher calling that she has received and will serve President Bush dutifully and masterfully, but my guess is that she’d prefer not to be there. She’s the last person in the world I consider a glad-hander or an ego-oriented person. I think she would find it very uncomfortable to engage in a campaign. It’s just not her style. I think we should take her at her word and just move on. My advice is that if you’re looking for someone to take on Hillary, look elsewhere.