John Kerry’s Stubborn Refusal to Accept Own Irrelevance

March 9, 2005

The Hill reports that John Kerry will announce today that he has a “tremendous number” of grassroots supporters of his plan to provide health insurance to all children. How utterly compassionate of him! But can you imagine calling a press conference to announce you have people supporting you on a project. That would be like President Bush calling a press conference after a weekly poll showed his personal approval ratings growing and saying, “We had a favorable poll this week, by golly, so I’m going to press forward with my agenda.”

But does anyone really believe John Kerry is pushing this issue because he has some burning desire to help “the children?” Does anyone believe that his motive is not to keep his name in the news as a major political player?

Either Kerry is doing this to keep his profile high in order to be in a position to run for president again, or he knows he has no chance against Hillary so has just decided that he’ll start taking his Senate job seriously for once in his life — as opposed to seeing it merely as a stepping stone to his lifelong goal of being president.

For some reason I get these mailings from time to time from the Kerry “campaign” — you have to call it a campaign, because that’s all it is — and they are actually pathetic. It’s as if Kerry is in a time-warp, frozen at November 1 — or still on Mars, sending these e-mails from a powerful relay satellite.