Notice Kerry’s Spending Promises

October 13, 2004

He says he is fiscally responsible but has promised, effectively, universal health care, much greater funding for education, gobs more money for the military by additional troops, because our current troops are overextended.

Kerry repeats the lie about $200 billion in Iraq. And about focusing too much on Osama.

Kerry says we are training Iraqi soldiers, 125,000 by the end of the year. Bush says he talked to soldiers who didn’t view this as a backdoor draft.

Bush hits global test again. That’s important. Must hammer him on that. “I will never turn over our national security decision to leaders of other countries.”

Kerry says he has never suggested he would turn our security to another nation, but it makes sense to pass a truth standard — that’s how you gain legitimacy with your own country and with other country. Bull.

Now Bush really hits him. Saying he didn’t vote for the use of force in Gulf War One. Apparently you can’t pass any test in his view of the world. That one was a slam dunk. Kerry on the ropes on that one. One of the strongest shots of the debate by either party, imo.