Just a Tad More on Hillary

March 7, 2005

The Washington Times is reporting that “South Korea’s opposition Millennium Democratic Party (MDP) is trying to arrange for Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton to visit North Korea along with other U.S. Senators.” Two questions: 1) Is Democratic “opposition” a global phenomenon? 2) Is the push to elevate Mrs. Clinton’s status a global conspiracy? Oh, sorry, I lied, another question: You don’t think Hillary could be putting anyone up to this prompting, do you? You will note later in the article that the MDP said Mrs. Clinton “hoped to meet North Korean leader Kim Jong-il to reminisce about Communism, lament the fall of the Soviet Union and the perverse softening of Red China toward free markets. Ok, just kidding again. Actually the article said the

MDP said Mrs. Clinton hoped to meet North Korean leader Kim Jong-il to discuss the nuclear issue.

How might the MDP know what Mrs. Clinton “hoped” if she wasn’t colluding with it? Just curious.