More Social Security-related Gloom and Doom

March 3, 2005

No, I’m not talking about the sad financial state of the Social Security system, but the public’s ever-declining opinion of the president’s performance in dealing with the issue. A freshly printed Westhill/Hotline polls shows that 61% of registered voters disapprove of the way President Bush is handling Social Security. And, a CBS/New York Times poll indicates that 63% of adults are “uneasy” — where did that language come from? — about President Bush’s “ability to make the right decisions about Social Security.” This is getting ridiculous.

How could informed voters disapprove of the way the president is “handling” Social Security when no one will even let him “handle” it? As far as I can tell, he’s the one who has taken the initiative to do something about the problem. Oh, I almost forgot, we don’t have a problem. Perhaps these libs should rephrase the poll question something like: “Are you uneasy about the way President Bush is attempting to mettle into the non-problem of Social Security? Further, are you as disgusted as we, the pollsters, are with his demagogic effort to manufacture an issue out of Social Security when we all know there is no crisis?

Let me just suggest one more time: The president’s people desperately need to clarify AND AMPLIFY their message on Social Security. It is going to take some real doing to overcome Democratic propaganda efforts concerning this sacrament of their political religion.