Minimum Wage

October 13, 2004

Kerry says Bush says Bush denies women $3000+ but protects millionaires with $136,000 windfall or something like that.

Now he’s saying the minimum wage is an absolute right. “I will fight tooth and nail to pass the minimum wage.”

President Bush says he would have supported the minimum wage bill sponsored by Mitch McConnell. I’m not familiar with that one, so can’t comment — though ignorance hasn’t kept me from commenting on other issues, as you can see. 🙂 Somebody’s gotta do it.

President Bush keeps bringing up education, which I think is interesting. Dems always include education as part of their mantra: “health care, education, and the environment.’ I can hear Clinton and Gore’s voices right now.

President Bush now goes on to the judicial activism question. He says Bush didn’t answer the question about whether he would undo Roe v. Wade. But President Bush did answer the question, by saying he wouldn’t have a litmus test. Frankly, I wish he would say he has a litmus test, not on pro-life, which isn’t the point, but judicial restraint, which would lead to the abortion question being returned to the states.

Kerry says he reneged on the funding of No Child Left Behind. This is bull. See NRO article below again. And Bush did answer, saying only a liberal would say that present education funding levels are insufficient.

Kerry with another statistic –500,000 kids hurt on education. Didn’t hear specifics.