Terri Schiavo and Pro-Life Blogs

February 24, 2005

Nothing illustrates the constructive possibilities for blogging better than pro-life bloggers’ concerted effort in defense of Terry Schiavo. As I’ve written before, blogging is a way to “electrify” the grassroots and that seems to be exactly what is in the process of happening here.

This morning Pro-Life Blogs is reporting via the Washington Post that Florida’s Department of Children and Families has requested permission to intervene in the Schiavo case to ask for a delay to give it time to investigate abuse allegations. Some believe that suspicious circumstances surround Terri’s injuries and that discrepancies exist concerning her medical condition. Did she or didn’t she have a heart attack? There’s apparently serious doubt about that. Did she suffer some kind of trauma? Why is there such urgency to terminate her life? How is it right to starve her to death, especially when her parents at least oppose it and, for all we know, Terri does as well? The more scrutiny this case receives by more people and institutions, the better. At the very least, the system should pursue the facts and never authorize a killing in such ambiguous circumstances. Where are all the leftwingers who are always on the front lines demanding 100% certainty of guilt in death penalty cases? Why aren’t they similarly interested in determining the facts in Terri’s case? What is the nature and level of her capacity? Does she want to live? Where are the anti-death penalty leftists? They need to join in this effort to save Terri, or, at the very least to get to the bottom of the facts.