What’s this: Donald Rumsfeld Doesn’t Want More Power?

February 17, 2005

This might come as a shocker to Rumsfeld-haters, but the Secretary of Defense has come out against a 9/11 Commission recommendation to transfer the CIA’s paramilitary operations to the Pentagon. Isn’t Rumsfeld concerned at all about his image as a bad man? He better get with the program or in no time the haters might find an easier target. But all he needs to do to guard against that is to appear at more press conferences and eviscerate them. That will secure the permanency of their ire.

CIA Director Porter Goss also opposed the plan. Who do these guys think they are, anyway? Do they realize they are rejecting the suggestion of an infallible body, the Wizard of Oz of national security, the panel whose recommendations John Kerry wanted to accept in full before he even read them? Some people just don’t know their place.

President Bush will have to make the final decision on this. Surely he wouldn’t dare buck the inerrant 9/11 body!