Dean Sought Blackout of Debate With Perle

February 17, 2005

Howard Dean is going to debate top Pentagon adviser Richard Perle, reputedly one of the chief architects of the American invasion of Iraq. For all Dean’s bluster, however, he originally tried to secure a media blackout of the event. He’s now apparently changed his mind. Why in the world, other than fear of getting your fanny whipped, would you want a blackout of such an event?

Dean’s spokeswoman Laura Gross said:

Some speeches are open, some speeches are closed. He decided months ago that this speech would be closed. We’re in transition. Now he’s the DNC chair – and so we needed to have this changed.

What speeches are those that are closed, might we ask — especially those involving the head of the DNC? Just a few observations about this:

1) I thought Mad Howard was only going to be a political organizer and operative as DNC “governor,” not a policy spokesman. So why is he involved in this debate at all?

2) If I were Richard Perle I’d demand that Howard Dean, on behalf of himself and his party, retract the endless phony allegations that President lied to get us into war, as well as others. When Dean refuses Perle should get him in a headlock, under the direction of ex-wrestling scrapper and current boss Donald Rumsfeld. He should then re-issue his demand for a retraction and an apology and if Dean still refuses not release his hold on him until he says “Uncle.” But don’t make him say Uncle Sam — that would be abusive and borderline torture.