Are Those Colorblind Democrats Getting Nervous?

February 16, 2005

MSNBC’s First Read also reports today that:

the Center for American Progress, John Podesta’s think tank, hosts a 10:00 am panel today at Howard University titled “Beyond 2004: The Future of the Black Vote,” featuring Al Sharpton, Gregory Moore of the NAACP — and Armstrong Williams. CAP notes in its announcement, “African-American turnout surged almost 25 percent as compared with 2000. Eleven percent of the African-American vote went to President Bush, up from eight percent in 2000.” Among the questions to be asked of the panel: “Why are African-Americans… voting in somewhat larger numbers for the conservative presidential candidate? Have the issues and values important to African-Americans changed? Have progressives changed, or taken African-Americans for granted?”

Notice the focus of the meeting isn’t “What can the Democratic Party do for the African-American community,” but what can the African-American community do for us? To borrow a cliché, some things just never change.