This is a tough one to call so far

October 13, 2004

But I think the president is doing better than at the beginning. He’s definitely making some effective points and keeps hammering Kerry for his liberalism. Kerry of course keeps peppering us with specificity and smoothness.

President Bush makes a good point saying Kerry doesn’t add much to his case by citing leading news sources — the obvious implication being their liberal bias. But then he kind of backed off the comment into a little laugh, feeling like he shouldn’t go there.

But now he’s back hitting the big themes. Kerry’s plan involves too much federal control, too little patient and physician choice.

Kerry uses a cute technique, saying Bush’s bias against government health care is why he hasn’t funded the VA, etc.

But President Bush now getting warmer, saying he did fund VA. Good. He must remain specific in his responses, while also covering the big themes, which I think he is doing better than Kerry.