Kerry Deserves an “A” for Audacity

February 14, 2005

John Kerry, who apparently forgot the election was held in November, continues to campaign. He is scheduled to give a speech this afternoon at the Worcester Telegram & Gazette Visions Ceremony. According to a Kerry advisor (why does he still need advisors if he isn’t still campaigning?), this will be “a major speech about strengthening the military.” He will call for increasing the military by 40,000 troops — presumably without a “back door” or front door draft. If perchance Kerry actually realizes he lost in 2004 and all this posturing relates to 2008, someone ought to tell him that he will need to work on his credibility. If the expected content of this speech is any indication he is still trying to prove how little he can be trusted. But we already know that. More and more Kerry’s obsession with remaining relevant is pathetic.