Actress Says U.S. Forests are ‘Being Slaughtered”

February 10, 2005

Right out of some pantheistic horror movie, actress Daphne Zuniga (Melrose Place), complained that the media is interested in irrelevant events and should be focused on such things as “endangered forests are being slaughtered for toilet paper.” You can’t deny this is good stuff. To the ridiculous claim that Rush owes his popularity to the Clinton administration, etc., he has always responded that libs are crazier when they’re out of power. I’m not sure Ms. Zuniga would be any less crazy if John Kerry were in office, but she’d probably be less vocal, because most libs don’t want to complain about such things, or homelessness, or the millions of medically uninsured, when their idols are in office — makes the poor fellows look bad. But who knows: Zuniga may still just be reeling from being dumped by John Cusack for Nicollette Sheridan in “The Sure Thing,” – even though she won in the end. The woman-scorned thing. Regardless, you have to admit this is good material.

Too bad Rush is off this week.