Are We Still Greedy?

February 10, 2005

President Bush has announced that our aid to Tsunami victims will be almost tripled to $950 Million — almost a billion dollars. Remember all the feigned Dem and Old Media outrage because Bush didn’t react soon enough to satisfy them? He was called “greedy.” Remember that word being bandied about? Greedy? There was never any question among rational minds that the United States would be exceedingly magnanimous in its relief contributions. Yet Dems said the only reason the president finally upped our contribution was because he took so much heat — as opposed to just doing the right thing on its own merits. Well, perhaps they can explain why he has just tripled our commitment? He’s not taking any heat over this issue now and yet he’s pledged enormously more money. Whether they see it or not, this proves that he will do the right thing — when no one is looking, so to speak. That is to say, he’s doing this because he believes it’s the right thing to do, not because he’s being hounded by the philanthropy-simulating liberals.