John Kerry is not Relevant

February 5, 2005

While Ted Kennedy remains relevant as a symbol of the depraved state of the Democratic Party, John Kerry, try as he pathetically might, cannot buy relevance. This Boston Globe story details another effort by Kerry to preserve the status quo ante — before the election. I’m not sure anyone has informed him that he lost.

We’ve already read reports of him trying to assert himself in the Senate for the first time in his long tenure there. You don’t suppose he became interested in his Senate role as an end in itself all of a sudden after 18 or so years do you? Of course not; he’s just trying to stay positioned for a 2008 run. Has he not received the memo from Hillary Corleone? Don’t make her have to pay a visit to him personally. It won’t be pretty.

But in this latest story, Kerry is shown as having organized his presidential campaign workers to work for Democratic candidates in Massachusetts. From the story:

“We did an amazing job — you did an amazing job — and I want you to leave here today convinced that if we keep on working, keep on fighting, keep on organizing, and keep on caring nobody has to redefine the Democratic Party,” said the unsuccessful presidential candidate, to cheers and digital camera flashes. “I was lifted up and I think you were too by a common effort to change things.”

I don’t know about you, but I interpret that little blurb as a shot across the bow to Boss Hillary. “Don’t you go messing with the party platform, Hillary. Don’t pretend you’re not a liberal. Don’t pretend the party isn’t liberal. Don’t you dare try to redefine this party of mine. The only reason we lost this election is because wartime presidents don’t lose. We just have to keep on caring.”