Brit Hume Exposes Senator Reid

February 3, 2005

According to a Freeper Fox News’ Brit Hume revealed on his Political Grapevine that Senator Harry Reid made a statement in support of private accounts for Social Security in 1999. The Free Republic thread led to this link, which included this little blurb from Senator Reid, from a 1999 Fox News Sunday show, from which Brit was apparently quoting: —

But In 1999, Sen. Harry Reid (D-Nev.) Said: “(M)ost Of Us Have No Problem With Taking A Small Amount Of The Social Security Proceeds And Putting It Into The Private Sector.” (Fox’s “Fox News Sunday,” 2/14/99)

Of course we know that President Clinton was on the record talking about how bad the Social Security crisis was as well, and Democrats are even denying this reality too. Democrats will just oppose President Bush on about anything these days. Maybe he ought to consider appointing liberal activist judges. Maybe that would get them to stop supporting them.

All of this reminds me of a segment on Hannity and Colmes tonight where Sean was questioning some Dem congressman — name slips my mind right now — about Clinton’s statements — which Sean played — acknowledging that Social Security was a crisis. The congressman’s response was very bizarre. He said things were different during Clinton’s term because we were running projected budget surpluses. It was close to a break so Sean didn’t have a chance to nail him on this, but think about that ridiculous dodge. If our fiscal situation was healthier then, then Clinton’s characterization of SS as a crisis is all the more compelling. That is, if our fiscal situation is worse now, Social Security’s inevitable insolvency should be that much more of a concern for us. Sometimes these Dems don’t even have any idea what they’re saying. Just oppose Bush because they don’t dare side with him on any issue, the bipartisan sweethearts that they are.