Divisive Democrat SOTU Rebuttal

February 2, 2005

“Leaders” Reid and Pelosi delivered on their expected negativism. Pelosi said, “We all know that the United States cannot stay in Iraq indefinitely and continue to be viewed as an occupying force.” Then, she said, “Neither should we slip out the back door, falsely declaring victory but leaving chaos.” And they also complained that we don’t have an exit strategy: “We have never heard a clear plan from this administration for ending our presence in Iraq.”

I had the misfortune of being tuned to ABC shortly after the speech and heard correspondent Linda Douglas telling Peter Jennings that she was receiving plenty of shrill faxes from Democrats on her wireless device during the speech complaining that Bush wasn’t leveling about Iraq and WMD, etc. These people are perpetually whining, Johnny One-notes. And the have the nerve to keep lecturing us about divisiveness.

This is a classic case of wanting to have it both — or even more — ways. Reid hit the president on his Social Security plan with more scare tactics.