A Creative Bit of Liberal Spin

February 1, 2005

The Washington Post today contains an article by Jefferson Morley examining “Who deserves credit for the first free election in Iraq in 50 years?” Only in Liberal Land could such a question be posed. Of course President Bush and the United States get the overwhelming credit for this by any objective measure. I guess the libs just can’t stand to let this good news pass without staking a claim to it, or at least trying to redistribute the credit to others than President Bush and the United States.

According to Morley:

The more common view is that the election vindicated the political vision of Ayatollah Ali Sistani, the spiritual Shiite leader who insisted that elected Iraqis control the country’s future. The Bush administration, noted Patrick Cockburn, Baghdad correspondent for the Independent of London, originally “thought it could rule Iraq directly with little Iraqi involvement.”

While I’ll give many Iraqis all the credit in the world, they wouldn’t have been able to do anything without the vision and leadership of President Bush. This isn’t even a close call. But I have to take serious exception to this idea that the Bush administration ever intended to rule Iraq directly with little Iraqi involvement. Who cares what Patrick Cockburn says? There is no way this bears any relationship to reality. If the Bush Administration ever entertained any ideas of ruling Iraq directly, which I seriously doubt, it only would have been as a transitional step. To think otherwise is absurd, but fits within the liberal template characterizing America as a acquisitive empire.

Morley is also spinning the high election turnout as being motivated by an Iraqi desire to thwart “U.S. domination of the country.”

But the clincher is the final paragraph in the article:

In a peculiar turn of political events, the elections that Bush welcomed may wind up being the best means of undoing his Iraq war policy.

It is hard to quantify how outrageous this is. To suggest that President Bush’s policy will be undone by the consummation of Iraqi self-rule is beyond liberal black-helicopteristic. Only Democratic Underground type loons think President Bush wants to keep our forces in Iraq for imperial reasons. No one on earth, I can confidently say, will be happier than President Bush when that day comes that the United States may withdraw its troops and leave the security of the Iraqi nation to the Iraqi security forces. So, no, Mr. Morley, the elections will not be the best means of undoing his Iraq war policy, but the consummation of them, the fulfillment of his policy.

Liberals are getting nuttier everyday, trapped in the foreign land of America that is presently governed by those with a rationale worldview, one that is wholly incomprehensible to them.