Two Encouraging News Items

February 1, 2005

I noticed two news stories today that represent reversals for the better — on matters that I blogged on earlier. Here’s a story about Villanova removing a plaque honoring a history professor who killed herself and her baby while in the throes of postpartum depression. Apparently, widespread complaints led to the reversal. Here’s my earlier post on it.

I also wrote earlier about a public school in Lincoln, Nebraska canceling a spelling bee for 4th trough 8th grade students because the No Child Left Behind Act discourages such competition where most students don’t win and their self-esteem may be jeopardized. Well, this morning I read that the school reversed its decision. Here’s the link. In the meantime, both of these stories prove that the public can make a difference. People should be involved in the Culture Wars and fight to take back the culture from all of the lunacy we see unfolding before us daily. These stories are certainly an encouragement.