Kerry’s Antiwar Slanders: “Speaking Truth to Power?”

October 13, 2004

On Fox News with Brit tonight, they had a segment on “Stolen Honor,” the controversial anti-Kerry film detailing the damage John Kerry’s antiwar crusade caused to MIAs. In the Fox segment, Bobby Muller, President of Vietnam Veterans of America, and a John Kerry supporter angrily denounced the film, saying:

“The only valor that is stolen anywhere is the valor of John Kerry, who served with distinction and with honor in Vietnam. The only valor that’s missing is that of George Bush who as it’s now been revealed, ducked this war, shows himself to have been a sissy and checked off the box, ‘I want to stay home with Mommy,’ instead of going overseas.”

Then he said about Kerry’s antiwar slanders, “When we came back and spoke truth to America about what was going on in Vietnam, which history now has proven that we were right in having said, how can you be faulted for speaking truth to power? How can you be faulted for trying to end a war which was a losing war and stop my younger brother from going into the hopper — the war machine — and being squandered like the lives were and the sacrifices were in that war by valiant Americans that put trust and faith in their government and were betrayed? It was a very emotional time. So was Kerry perhaps a little bit over the top in some of the things he said? Maybe. What is an eloquent statement? Was he right in what he said? Was he right in what he did? Absolutely. And history now, all you need is a library card to go into the libraries in this country, scan the bookshelves and it bears out. What we said was right. What Kerry said was right and everything he said proved out to be correct.

Ok, there you have it. An unrepentant colleague of John Kerry speaking for an unrepentant, nay, a proud John Kerry. They spoke truth to power, God bless them. They sure told off the American government, didn’t they.

Truth? That our soldiers slaughtered 200,000 people in Vietnam illegally. That we committed war crimes on a daily basis. That’s a little over the top? As the POWs who speak in Stolen Honor show, Kerry caused them irreparable damage while providing aid and comfort to the enemy. And he has not only never apologized. He’s still bragging about what he did. This guy possibly has a less developed conscience than Bill Clinton.

The Left’s answer is not to allow these charges to receive a full airing under the First Amendment, but to censor and suppress any anti-Kerry speech. You might know, of course, that they are not the least bit consistent, as none of them has suggested similar treatment for Michael Moore’s propagandamentary. Speaking truth to power is to allow the full airing of this film and any other charges about John Kerry, all of which he has refused to respond to.

Speaking truth to power would be for John Kerry to sign Form 180 to release his confidential records so we could find out the truth about many of the claims about his disputed war record. But neither Kerry nor his supporters are about truth, much less speaking truth to power. They are speaking lies to the weak of mind and weak of heart. What Kerry said about his fellow sailors and soldiers is indescribably evil and he has never for one brief moment been held to account for it.