Oh How Those Loving Liberals Can Hate

January 20, 2005

The only thing George Bush has to do to infuriate liberals each and every day is to wake up in the morning. They hate him. They hate his policies. They hate the direction of this country. They hate people in his cabinet. There is no placating these people. There is no operative principle in their bones that time heals all wounds. They get angrier with each passing day just stewing in their ire. Take a trip around the Net and see if I’m exaggerating. Here are just a few examples:

Maureen Dowd — This lady’s continual sniping and juvenile stabs at word games to be clever should embarrass that august publication for which she writes. I have to assume that Maureen was a talented writer at one time. But with these puerile thoughts she commits to paper I think she would be canceled from most high school newspapers.

Richard Cohen, Ellis Henican, Mike Littwin — You’ll just have to read them.