Boxer Rebellion

January 19, 2005

I heard — I think I was watching CNN as I was flipping through the channels — that Senator Boxer and some other of her like-minded ne’er-do-wells were going to make hour long speeches tomorrow during the final day of confirmation hearings for Dr. Rice. Their thinking? Well, they know Republican Senators will be anxious to get to the inaugural festivities and so will not be willing to stick it out until the filibusterers quit playing their little disrespectful harassing games. If this is in any way true, shame on the Boxer Rebels for their infernal treatment of Dr. Rice and shame on Democrats for not putting a halt to this puerile partisanship. Do you think we’ll hear anything from the New York Times denouncing this tactic should it eventuate? Do you think we’ll hear Chris Matthews writhe in agony over the loss of civility and collegiality? Do you think we’ll hear any objection from any of the usual suspects? Hum?