Beyond the Boundaries of Common Civility

January 18, 2005

No I’m not now referring to Senator Boxer’s indescribably rude remarks to Dr. Rice, though I just as easily could be. I’m talking about NAACP chairman Julian Bond, telling an audience at Rowan University that the Bush administration is appealing to the “dark underside of American society” and tampering with our basic constitutional freedoms. “There is indeed a right-wing conspiracy and it controls the White House, Congress, Government, and most of the media.” But the comment that was way below the belt was Bond’s vicious contention that President Bush has used Secretary Colin Powell and Dr. Rice as “shields” to protect it from charges of racism.

Here we have another classic case of liberal projection. Sorry, Mr. Bond, that’s not what’s going on with Mr. Bush. He chose Powell and Rice on the basis of merit, not race. It is liberals who use race in the manner you are suggesting. Besides, President Bush is smart enough to know that he will never insulate himself from false charges of racism by choosing to surround himself with black conservatives. After all, black conservatives aren’t black. Only black liberals and White liberals, like former President Clinton, are truly African-American.

No matter. When you make such incendiary and indecent remarks from the Left the worst you can expect is accolades from the elite. Whatever liberals want to say about conservatives, no matter how nasty, is acceptable. I’m waiting for libs to condemn Mr. Bond. But be careful. If anyone dares to criticize an African-American liberal he will be opening himself up to charges of racism — irrebuttable charges, no less.