Donald Luskin Debunks Paul Krugman on NRO

October 13, 2004

Paul Krugman, the famously anti-Bush New York Times columnist — he thinks President Bush is evil incarnate — dedicated his Tuesday column to giving John Kerry responses to “lies” Krugman predicts President Bush will tell in the debate Wednesday night concerning the economy.

Paul Krugman is absolutely infuriating, whether he is talking about Iraq or the economy. But tonight’s debate will be about the economy and Krugman has an economics background. And we all know that John Kerry is very glib with half-truths, bolstered by misleading statistics and sheltered in the confusion of minutia. That’s why I was gratified to find a piece by Donald Luskin in National Review Online, dissecting Krugman’s specious assertions piece by piece.

I highly recommend that you read this. And, like Mr. Luskin, I hope the president and/or his people familiarize themselves with Krugman’s and Luskin’s articles. They could be most instructive for tonight’s debate. Kerry is willing to say anything, but Krugman provides him a great deal of slippery ammunition here and I hope the president is prepared to refute it.