Boxer Plans to Box Rice

January 18, 2005

Our friends at CrushKerry take the “weepy” Senator Barbara Boxer to task for announcing that she plans to put her moral and intellectual superior Condi Rice on the hot seat in the confirmation hearings today. Here are a few of the questions, the annoyingly pugilistic Senator has telegraphed:

Dr. Rice’s confirmation hearing must not be a rubber stamp of President Bush’s appointment. The Senate must take it’s “advice and consent role seriously.

That’s why, as a member of the Foreign Relations Committee, I intend to stand up and ask Condoleeza Rice the tough questions that Americans deserve to have answered. Questions like:

Why did the United States go to war in Iraq based on misleading — if not false and fraudulent — evidence?

Why did we divert valuable resources and intelligence personnel to Iraq, taking them away from Afghanistan and the pursuit of Osama bin Laden?

Why did you mislead the American people into thinking there was a connection between Saddam Hussein and Al Qaeda before September 11th?

We must hold Condoleeza Rice accountable for her misleading statements leading up to the Iraq war and beyond before we can even consider promoting her to Secretary of State.

Fine, Senator. If I were Dr. Rice I would turn these questions right around on the sanctimonious pugilist. I’d ask her:

Why do you and your colleagues insist on saying that President Bush went to war against Iraq based on false evidence when many of those in your own party had access to the same evidence and supported the war resolution? Why do you insist on calling erroneous information — errors that the President was not responsible for making — fraudulent information? The CIA said it wasn’t pressured to gin up the WMD case against Iraq and it told the President Iraqi WMD was a slam dunk. When are you and your colleagues going to quit lying about this, Senator? And while we’re at it, since you don’t support the war against Iraq, do you believe we should have left this butcher in power in Iraq? Do you have any respect at all for United Nations’ Resolutions, 17 of which Saddam violated? Why do you and your thug friends keep spreading the lie that we diverted resources from our hunt for Osama to go after Saddam? Did you hear Tommy Franks shoot this one out of the water? Do you have any remote interest in what the facts actually are, or are you just an anti-Bush wind-up doll masquerading as a serious Senator?

Are you saying there was no relationship between Saddam and Al Qaeda and other international terrorists? If Iraq isn’t part of the War on Terror, then why have the major terrorists of the world invested so many of their resources in preventing democracy in Iraq? Don’t you consider terrorists a pretty good authority as to the scope of the War on Terror? And, finally, who do you think you are calling me (Dr. Rice) a liar?