Liberal Indoctrination Trumps Math Basics

January 17, 2005

Look at what happened to sixth-grade math scores at one Massachusetts public school when liberal, politically correct ideology were prioritized above teaching the fundamental principles of math.

I talk about this type of phenomenon in my book Persecution and I talk about it in speeches I give around the country. The truth is that when the basics are subordinated to an ideological agenda, academic results decline. And often nothing else can explain such abysmal results. This article is an eye-opener and should put all parents of public school children on notice that this can happen at their children’s public school. Vigilance is required. Hat Tip: Kellipundit via Polipundit. You have to read this excerpt from the newspaper article reporting on how this insanity was brought about in the school:

The only logical and remaining explanation is change that occurred in the Newton math curriculum itself – the subject matter of what is taught and how, what is emphasized and what is not, what has been omitted and what is new. In short, what has changed in the elementary and middle school math curriculum to have affected such a dramatic decline in the MCAS scores?

Answer: the new math curriculum, otherwise known as anti-racist multicultural math.

Between 1999 and 2001, under the direction of Superintendent Young and Assistant Superintendent Wyatt, the math curriculum was redesigned to emphasize “Newton’s commitment to active anti-racist education” for the elementary and middle schools. This meant that no longer were division, multiplication, fractions and decimals the first priority for teaching math. For that matter, the teaching of math was no longer the first priority for math teachers, as indicated by the new curriculum guidelines, called benchmarks, which function as the primary instructional guide for teaching math in the Newton Public Schools.